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[Project T.I.T.A.N.S.]


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[Project T.I.T.A.N.S.]
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Shingeki No Kyojin : Defensive Lines

Visited 8,449 times (559 last week)
Shingeki No Kyojin : Defensive Lines
PLAY THIS ITS BETTER : This was made when I only knew of editing scripts so it kinda sucks. Keep an eye out on my first game(Attack On Titan {the blocky one} that doesn't have any single free model!) The only free models here are swords and flares. MOMENTUM REMOVED! T'was too hard to kill titans. PROTECT EREN FROM THE TITANS WHILE HE IS CARRYING THE BOULDER! TO KILL FEMALE TITAN : Slash her eyes first then aim her feet tendons then for her arm covering the nape, then the nape itself. You got less than 15 seconds to do this before she recovers. If you think the 3dmg here is too fast, too unrealistic then I recommend you watch episode 11 where Eren was about to transform (somewhere 4-7 minutes before the episode ends) . You can see him manuevering with this speed. Also known as Attack On Titan READ : If the 3dmg doesn't work, reset If the flares don't work, hold the flare then press backspa
Sunshine Shopping Centre (W.I.P.) (1st Floor open)

Visited 569 times (40 last week)
Sunshine Shopping Centre (W.I.P.) (1st Floor open)
INTERESTED IN ADDING YOUR STORE? PM FILM333 FOR INFO! Sunshine Shopping Centre is a place where you can buy clothing or hangout. (Note , this is only a small portion of it as if I would create a bigger version, it would cause lag) Stores : Anime Corner (Clothing Store,Accessories etc) - films Stud Blox (Building request store) - film333 Cafe Coffee Day (SOON) - Orbviox FME Pixel Land (SOON) - FME Pixel Art Company (1826Fighter) Frozen (SOON) - Frozable CC Instrument - chillyicy
Attack On Titan [PRE ALPHA]

Visited 303,738 times (30,561 last week)
Attack On Titan [PRE ALPHA]
IF GAME BREAKS JUST CLICK ON THE BUTTON ABOVE THE BLADE COUNT (caps-lock intensifies) (BTW NO ARMORED TITAN YET) SPOILER WARNING!!! This game is based on the anime of the same name. WARNING : THIS IS PRE ALPHA EXPECT HUGE AMOUNT OF BUGS (Plus im just new to scripting :c ) OFFICIAL GROUP = PM ME ANY BUGS LIKE NO TITANS SPAWNING SHUTDOWN = UPDATES On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. Such Blocky, Very Square, Such Bugs, Wow. Special thanks to MrMustache456 for the HUD art,davidthebeyblader for the idea Measurement is based on the theory that one stud is equal to one foot. 33.3% done [=CONTROLS=] Q/E = Grapples (Pressing both at the same time glitches 3dmg sorry) R = Reload blades Z(RED)X(BLACK)C(GREEN) = Flares Left Mouse Button = Attack [=Shifter slots are taken already do not ask me for it, all messages about it will be ignored=]

Visited 179 times (21 last week)
On a game of 20 players, one player is chosen to be Godzilla and two players are chosen to be the MUTOs. The rest are soldiers with a time limit to find the bomb and disarm it before the MUTO(s) get it. [iz not done] Measurement is based on MY theory that 1 meter is 5.8 studs (judging in proportion to the average height of robloxians are 1.77/1.8) Godzilla refurbished to a bunch of spheres than blocks, for some reason the "block" genre doesn't fit with Godzilla c:
Attack On Titan [=TESTING PLACE=]

Visited 512 times (254 last week)
Attack On Titan [=TESTING PLACE=]
Dis where I test my aot game's stuff online since it workz on studio mode but not online (WHICH SAKS)

Visited 34 times (12 last week)
8 Players , one randomly chosen as a Xenomorph. Choose : Fight Or Flight? You'll find many helpful items to either fight or distract the alien. (YES THIS IS BASED ON ALIEN : ISOLATION)
AoT Training place

Visited 996 times (230 last week)
AoT Training place
Press N to salute Training..
You see nothing here

Visited 0 times (0 last week)
You see nothing here
Dont buy access, nothing is in here :/
Price: 1000
Buy Access Buy Access
VirtualLemon's Place Number: 33

Visited 9 times (6 last week)
VirtualLemon's Place Number: 33

Visited 9 times (2 last week)
so wen i haz no moar bc i hez a mega place


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