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FME Pixel Art Company
FME Pixel Art Company

Hello there, my name is films. I will try to help anyone who needs my help.

I build stores,buildings,cafe's or any kind of place for people but there will be a price.

Usually, the prices would vary from both the person and my work quality and quantity.

I can create shirts and pants if you want too.


Shingeki No Kyojin : Defensive Lines - 50%

Shingeki No Kyojin : Offensive Lines - 0%

Anime Corner - 50%
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FME Pixel Art Company
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Shingeki No Kyojin : Defensive Lines (REVAMPING)

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Shingeki No Kyojin : Defensive Lines (REVAMPING)
I'M GOING TO RENEW EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE 3DMG PROTECT EREN FROM THE TITANS WHILE HE IS CARRYING THE BOULDER! TO KILL FEMALE TITAN : Slash her eyes first then aim her feet tendons then for her arm covering the nape, then the nape itself. You got less than 15 seconds to do this before she recovers. If you think the 3dmg here is too fast, too unrealistic then I recommend you watch episode 11 where Eren was about to transform (somewhere 4-7 minutes before the episode ends) . You can see him manuevering with this speed. Also known as Attack On Titan READ : If the 3dmg doesn't work, reset If the flares don't work, hold the flare then press backspace. Wait for 3 minutes then the Colossal will arrive along with the titans. Defend the District from the Titans. Hit the nape to kill them. Credits to toadjesse for uploading the XL TT soundtrack. Coming Soon : Bug fixes Armored Titan (maybe) Dancing Titan (from the manga) Colossal Titan boss fight (righ
Anime Corner (WIP)

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Anime Corner (WIP)
Anime Corner is a store located in the Mall Of Robloxia, 2nd floor. We sell most of the things Robloxian otakus want. From shirts and pants to necklaces and accessories. All related from either a manga, an anime, vocaloid or game.


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