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User PointsPlayer Points: 594
Roblox Real Name: J.C. Kyrie Driver II
Age: 4
Height: 2'9
Major Accomplishments : 9x ERWG Champion 4x ERWG Tag Team Champion 3x ERWG World Heavyweight Championship, ERWG 2012 Superstar Of The Year
Playoff Appearance (LBA) Scored 17 in SBA Rookie Showcase, Played for 2 football teams, LBA Pacers 1st pick (Before electric left)
Bestest Homies: Roboavion19, Strikerk, LouieeDriverIII, SuperHyperSuperSonic
The life of J.C. Driver.
───────────▄▀▀▄────────── ───────────█──█────────── ───────────█──█────────── ────────█▀▀█──█▀▀▄▄────── ────▄▄▄─█──█──█──█─▀▄──── ────█──▀█────────▀──█──── ─────▀▄─█───────────█──── ──────▀▄────────────█───── ───────▀▄──────────█───── ─────────█▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄█──────
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Player Badges


[IBA]-National Collegiate Athletic Association
[SR] Republic of San Roblo Military
American Basketball Association-[ABA]
Doge Basketball League
Extreme Roblox Wrestling Generation(ERWG)
First-Class Basketball League [ FCBL ]
IBA( Interracial Basketball League)
Legendary Basketball Association[LBA]
New Orleans Pelicans - @Pelicans
The Walking Dead Game [TellTale] Roleplay


Friends: 820
Forum Posts: 1
Place Visits: 1,687
Knockouts: 14,755
Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 50%

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Welcome To My Profile.

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Welcome To My Profile.
J.C. Da Balla and Fighta. #Hoops4Dayz #FightLyfe
-♛ The Driver's Resort House ♛-

Visited 1,687 times (0 last week)
-♛ The Driver's Resort House ♛-
#BestCrib #BangBang #TTK


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