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-BLOX Studios-
-BLOX Studios-
I think i might start selling ads...Once i get a little better

You should check my my games out. You might like them
The Glowing Obby
Obby Tower(Both old and new!)
Swordfight in Zero G
Rainbow Obby
Dynamic museum tycoon

I will NEVER copy a game, all my games are created by me.

Yes i do have a twitter:) Follow me @crazytanker1
My steam:Tylerstar
I do donate to users sometimes. But not all the time, depends on my mood.

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The Glowing Obby

Visited 13,587 times (32 last week)
The Glowing Obby
Thanks robotalex8915 for the amazing thumbnail! Update: Yep, the new winners has appeared but its not finished..more stuff will appear inside soon Welcome to the Glowing Obby Like and favorite:D The winners is small because i keep adding stages. The hidden badges are hard to find. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Best thing to reduce lag is to change your graphics quality to 1. If you dont know how just open your settings and slide the graphics bar to 1:) I will also try to take away some of the lag. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Warning:DO NOT HIT LOAD IF YOU HAVE NEVER SAVED ------------------------------ My fan group/club.. Find out what kind of updates i will be doing to my games!
Obby Tower[New stages being added]!

Visited 10,140 times (17 last week)
Obby Tower[New stages being added]!
Updates:Made a new stage+fixed some others. UPCOMING UPDATES:More VIP stuff+More stages(Coming tomorrow!)+Working on a better winners area:) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some stages are supposed to be very dark! Use your flashlight. Welcome to the tower. The new version:) Vip Rooms are being worked on still but you got some stage changers for now! It is currently 35 stages but increasing every week. You can send me a stage made by you! Just take the model in my models(Baseplate for OT) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to play the old version? Its in my games:) Thanks for playing:D Don't forget to drop a like and or a fav;) Suggestions/concerns/bugs, please send them to me:)
Obby Tower[Old version, new version out!]

Visited 36,653 times (24 last week)
Obby Tower[Old version, new version out!]
Want to make a stage for the new obby tower being made!? Take this model and when finished send to me:D. Any questions about it please pm me. --------------------------------------------------- New obby tower is now released! Heres the story for killer water: A chemical leaked into the water which eats/burns your skin. one touch = death ------------------------------------------------------------ Mini vip-
Dynamic Museum Tycoon[BETA]

Visited 136 times (7 last week)
Dynamic Museum Tycoon[BETA]
Welcome to the Dynamic Museum Tycoon. Here you buy parts to a museum that glows and has walkthrough stuff to do! [READ] This game is in BETA so i will be adding ALOT more stuff to the museum and more stuff to do while waiting for your earnings. This is my very first tycoon VIP's have stuff still being added.
Zero Gravity Sword Fighting [PP coming back, being

Visited 1,268 times (8 last week)
Zero Gravity Sword Fighting [PP coming back, being
PP coming back! Sale on gamepasses! Upcoming Updates:Hunt for PP while fighting others. More teleport maps. Other stoof IMPORTANT, READ: In order to put more points up for grabs you must buy them from the shop on the left, You will also be rewarded with points and kills! ----------------------------------------- Ever wondered what it would be like to fight your foes in zero gravity? Well now you can! Player points have been added! The map is small but lots of new stuff will appear..and tricks:) -------------------------------------------- The In-game store has three positives. 1.You earn alot of player points(depending on which you buy) 2.If you buy 200 points you also get 200 KO's(Or whatever one you buy you get the KO's) 3.Increases the available points by alot!
The Rainbow Obby[VIPS being fixed, admin offsale

Visited 238,990 times (207 last week)
The Rainbow Obby[VIPS being fixed, admin offsale
STAGE 107 HAS BEEN FIXED IN NEW SERERS I apologize for the VIP's not working. I got a message and i am just trying to figure out which VIP it is. Once i find out i will fix asap Please if you know, message me the details. Thanks More stages and stuff coming soon! [Currently fixing the admin script for people who bought admin]

Visited 19 times (12 last week)
learn test repeat

The permission levels on this place prevent you from entering.
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New game

Visited 48 times (6 last week)
New game

Visited 13 times (6 last week)
Paid access because i dont really want people playing lol..but if you buy thanks! People who buy will get an advantage in the tycoon when finished.


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