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I have served in many groups, but the two most memorable groups I have served are the Imperium of Man and The War Series. From those groups, I have met the most courageous and intelligent men I will ever meet, the closest comrades I have had, and the most brave leaders that I have followed. Neither my service to Vaktovia nor Valknot could ever match the amount of pride I have with service to the Imperium of Man and The War Series.
But that does not go without saying that the groups have also had their darkest of days. I have not rejoined the Imperium since the traitors that left for groups of filth such as TGI or Crystal Nation. In The War Series, I have met men and women who seek only to destroy the group and its foundations. But I have persevered with the group, and I have not given up on these fine ladies and gentlemen.
Finally, to those who have tried to ruin me, ruin my closest friends and ruin The War Series itself; you reap what you sow.
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