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[ Toontown Rewritten ]
[ Toontown Rewritten ]
Game Developer Of The Year - 2011

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Most of my games are currently inactive because I want to focus on re-creating them.
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Active Places

ROBLOX Dodgeball

Visited 5,936,359 times (22,081 last week)
ROBLOX Dodgeball
You can now earn 5 Player Points every-time you KO a player on the other team! You also earn 10 Player Points if you are MVP on the winning team! You can follow me on Twitter @alexnewtron for updates and news about Dodgeball. [NOTICE] If you purchase game passes on the website, make sure to add the dodgeballs to your inventory in-game! Do your friends PWN you in Dodgeball? PWN them in ROBLOX Dodgeball! Engage in an exciting battle of dodgeball!
Four Corners!

Visited 195,044 times (1,230 last week)
Four Corners!
The game of luck! Choose a corner, and hope your corner isn't chosen by IT! ================================================ You can follow me on Twitter @alexnewtron for updates and news about Four Corners. A random player is made 'IT'. IT chooses a corner. If you pick the corner 'IT' chooses, you lose!
ROBLOX Jeopardy! [Classic]

Visited 130,890 times (85 last week)
ROBLOX Jeopardy! [Classic]
This is an old classic of the 2010 game I made on Roblox. I have decided to one day re-make this game into a more professional game, however; due to popular request I have brought this game back. This game I can not guaranteed to work 100%, however, your purchase for access to this game will give you access to the 2014 version I plan to make. Stay tuned! I plan to re-make this game in the future, and for more information in the future - follow me on twitter: @alexnewtron =============================================== Are you a ROBLOX Geek? Do you have what it takes to win some serious cash? Do you know every pixel of Roblox? Come on down and be a contestant on ROBLOX Jeopardy! Click the PLAY Button to start, no registration required! Credits to asimo3089 for the questions.
Price: 25
Buy Access Buy Access

Visited 187,743 times (415 last week)
This is a dead project. I leave this game open because it is a game I very much enjoyed. I used to work with the Toontown Rewritten development team (I helped start it), however, due to certain circumstances I have been forced to leave the development group.
The Roaring Twenties [10% Complete]

Visited 8,330 times (277 last week)
The Roaring Twenties [10% Complete]
This game is not based on the movie. Coming soon.

Visited 2,071 times (148 last week)
ROBLOX Wheel of Fortune! [FREE]

Visited 1,111,543 times (16,849 last week)
ROBLOX Wheel of Fortune! [FREE]
Total Puzzles: 173 =================================== Roblox WoF is Free to Play from June 1st through July 31st. Those who purchased access will gain free access to the 'Create a Party' section and a special symbol above their robloxian during the game. Once you have bought access, you will always have access- period. [ NOTICE ] I am required to say by Roblox that no, this game will NOT award you REAL ROBUX. This is a fun little competition game to play with your friends. It's the same as playing this game on your PS2. No game on Roblox can give you REAL Robux.
PEARS to PAIRS Multiplayer Card Game!

Visited 2,370,732 times (5,389 last week)
PEARS to PAIRS Multiplayer Card Game!
Like this game? Be sure to give the game a thumbs up! It really helps! Thanks! Pears to Pairs has its' own FREE app! Search "Pears to Pairs" on the iOS app store! [NOTICE] If the chat is not working, it is a ROBLOX bug. I did not disable the chat. Try rejoining the game to fix. You can follow me on Twitter @alexnewtron for updates and news about Pears to Pairs. Tags: Apples to Apples
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