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Welcome to my profile. I will only accept friend requests if I have at least met you once in game.
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Welcome To My Profile!

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Welcome To My Profile!

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This is where I test stuff
Airplane Role Play

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Airplane Role Play
Read the description: I can't believe people still play this. :/ Despite the overall negative reviews, I appreciate and thank everyone for at least playing. I promise I will try to make a better attempt to make a better game if I have the time to do so. Anyway.... Every SINGLE credit goes to eugenevorld. He is a very talented builder, so go check out his page. eugenevorld is also the person who built this plane. To be honest, I hate using free models from other people but I simply do not have the time or skill to build. Since I can't script and have no time to build, not much interesting updates can be added to this place. 1/8/2013 Well this is the second time the game was stolen by another user and is getting many visits for it. I don't even care anymore. 8/9/2013 I fixed the bug when you would spawn on top of the plane. Since It's nearly impossible for me to work with build mode due to the new features, I had to put a more lazy and simple solution to the problem. (Placing


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