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Hi! My name is Coollexeee Here is a bit about meh!

Y - Yes N - No M - Maybe D - Depends

Will I donate to you? D
Will I accept you FR? M
Am I good at building? D
Am I awesome? Y
Will I let you script for me? Y
Will you be my slave? Y

I like to be random, eat candy, be awesome
I hate campers, people who Grind-Kill me, and hackers.
I am okay with everything else. Except bees. I hate those with every fiber of my being.
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RuneQuest (WIP 0%)

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RuneQuest (WIP 0%)
Welcome to RuneQuest, a third person adventure game. Complete quests, kill all sorts of demons, find treasure, and achieve greatness. Lunar or Sartarite, it does not matter. But stay out of the Chaos woods or die. Welcome to the game.
Price: 30
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