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I wish I lived in the UK. Many things would change if I did. If I lived in the island country of English muffins and tea, I would be able to meet my favorite YouTuber, Nerd³.

-A short poem by me.

- cjster - Ruiner of thine day.
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Active Places

After the Rain™

Visited 15 times (0 last week)
After the Rain™
Explore this scenic terrain with your friends, or alone. Whichever suits you more.
Build a Boat!™ V2.1.1 (Massive Update 6/8/13)

Visited 50 times (1 last week)
Build a Boat!™ V2.1.1 (Massive Update 6/8/13)
Build your own boat or go boating with your friends! This was the very first build a boat game in ROBLOX, so therefore the original "Build a Boat™." Mod a ROBLOX Jeep or build your very own from scratch! I hope you enjoy the Original Build a Boat!™ __________________________________ UPDATE June 8th, 2013: In-game GEAR SHOP!

Visited 17 times (0 last week)
Road America F1 (Large Update!)

Visited 49 times (1 last week)
Road America F1 (Large Update!)
[Large Update](1.) Instead of the Windows 98 Logo on the front of the Xbox360™/Forza Motorsports 4™ car, I put the Turn 10 Studios™ logo there. (2.) I added hills! :D (More hills to come soon!) Enjoy!
Road America F1 2012 [RIP]

Visited 278 times (7 last week)
Road America F1 2012 [RIP]
~UPDATE~ I made the Forza Motorsports car XBox and not PlayStation because Forza is on XBox only. Fixed turn 2 glitch where you fall through the baseplate. Added lights above grandstands. This is a replica of Road America in Wisconson, USA. F1 cars made by me: Roblox/BMW, Lotus, Honda, McLaren/Mercedes Benz, Forza/Xbox360. Race your friends in this longer-than-normal racetrack based on the Road America racetrack in Wisconsin. I will always remember this place, getting 45 place visits the very hour I finished this.


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