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"Stormcell, a legendary creature of wonder, wanders in the woods daily
He feasts on raw shrimp" - outrageous78

Joined September 28, 2008.
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Friends: 4,313
Forum Posts: 157
Place Visits: 1,136,412
Knockouts: 51,483
Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 64%

Active Places

Escape Jail Obby

Visited 1,077,044 times (2,856 last week)
Escape Jail Obby
Run, jump, and drive your way through 9 different levels (Including a bonus level at the end!) in this unique obby! All 9 levels are built into a city. Find Coins throughout the obby to use in two shops to get special bonuses and prizes! But don't forget the secret badges hidden off the main paths! ------------------------------------------------ The VIP Gamepass takes a while for Roblox to register. Wait approximately 5-30 minutes, and get on a new server.
Domino Power

Visited 362 times (13 last week)
Domino Power
Explosions + Dominos, what more would you expect? (If you lag too much this won't work, so join with a beefed up internet connection.)
Wood Water World

Visited 6,215 times (3 last week)
Wood Water World
Very old game, originally entered in the Worlds of Wood building contest. Expect things to be broken, lol.
Tempestas Mansion

Visited 354 times (1 last week)
Tempestas Mansion
Super Mario World Obby

Visited 52,437 times (64 last week)
Super Mario World Obby
There are 6 courses in this obby, Yoshi's Island, Doughnut Plains, Vanilla Dome, Forest Of Illusion, Chocolate Island, and The Valley Of Bowser. The map is a little inacurate, and one of the winner's rewards are Parachute Out Of The Sky. Have fun!


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