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Joined on Jan. 4th 2007
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[SFC] Applied Sciences
[SFC] Department of Security
[SFC] First Fleet
[SFC] Special Forces Academy
[SFC] Tactical Command
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Active Places

Interstellar - Prototype 5.6 [UPDATED DESC]

Visited 1,747 times (35 last week)
Interstellar - Prototype 5.6 [UPDATED DESC]
Alpha should be release in the next week or so! There will be many new features to the game, stay tune! The price is high because, this is only a prototype as we get further down the line of production the price will go down. Once the game becomes full release, it will be free. JOIN OUR FAN GROUP! SHIP CONTROLS: W - Throttle up S - Throttle Down A and E - Roll Left Click - Fire weapons Right Click - Look around FAQ
Price: 50
Buy Access Buy Access
Federation Tanya Colony *NEW WEAPON ADDED*

Visited 2,092 times (23 last week)
Federation Tanya Colony *NEW WEAPON ADDED*
This is only a tech demo. Spawn killing is forbidden Join the United Federation of Clans today ( )! GOALS: The Federation has to defend off any incoming raiders The raiders have to attack the colony and take it for themselves. CONTROLS: G - Inventory T - Resource Stats U - Leaderboard Q and E - Change Phaser Settings Use the replicator to craft your items by mining up resources. If there's any bugs, PM me the bug! Adding: -Deloyable barricades -More weapons Update Notes: -Possibly fixed save issue -Purge button added Planning to add in the future: -Space combat Note: This is not the final release of this place. There will be many more updates to come
Starfleet Command: Academy

Visited 2,196 times (13 last week)
Starfleet Command: Academy
Starfleet Academy is where we train our members (mostly Cadets), to become better officers and decide what career they wish to advance in. Join Starfleet Command ( today!


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