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Leader of Starfleet Command. I accept almost all friend requests.

Check out my YouTube channel! Where I have live commentary gameplays!

Joined on Jan. 4th 2007
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[SC] Engineering Corps
[SC] High Command
[SFC] Academics Department
[SFC] Applied Sciences
[SFC] Department of Security
[SFC] First Fleet
[SFC] Special Forces Academy
[SFC] Tactical Command
Classis    Misenensis
Cohortes Urbanae
Fourteenth Twin Legion
Gens Antonius
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Friends: 3,602
Forum Posts: 446
Place Visits: 4,182
Knockouts: 5,581
Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 50%

Active Places

Classis Misenensis Outpost

Visited 1,104 times (95 last week)
Classis Misenensis Outpost
Federation Tanya Colony *SAVE FIXED*

Visited 1,181 times (25 last week)
Federation Tanya Colony *SAVE FIXED*
This is only a tech demo. Spawn killing is forbidden Join the United Federation of Clans today ( )! GOALS: The Federation has to defend off any incoming raiders The raiders have to attack the colony and take it for themselves. CONTROLS: G - Inventory T - Resource Stats U - Leaderboard Q and E - Change Phaser Settings Use the replicator to craft your items by mining up resources. If there's any bugs, PM me the bug! Adding: -Deloyable barricades -More weapons Update Notes: -Possibly fixed save issue -Purge button added Planning to add in the future: -Space combat Note: This is not the final release of this place. There will be many more updates to come
Starfleet Command: Academy

Visited 1,897 times (18 last week)
Starfleet Command: Academy
Starfleet Academy is where we train our members (mostly Cadets), to become better officers and decide what career they wish to advance in. Join Starfleet Command ( today!


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