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Ibloxu Tech.
Hey, if you're here, then you're either a friend who's messing around on their friends list, or in other cases, you're here to see if I'll be a good friend or not.
In either case, welcome! My name is Exclusivecrzrybob2, or just Exclusive, as everyone calls me :3
I generally play fantasy games, but you'd be able to convince me to play other kinds of games.
I'm not very good at games, to be honest (Besides games like Mount & Blade)
I'll do just about anything for a friend (As long as it doesn't involve giving you money (I can't do that anyway. Even if I could, you'd need to give me something, but not a cheap hat.))
Also, if you wish to do a private roleplay, lemme know, because I'll send you to a map that's usually empty, but pretty awesome.
That's all for now, goodbye.
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