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As im sat on my, window sill
I notice way up high
A pinprick of light, twinkling in the sky
And then i wonder
What on Earth could that be
That distant miracle
How it entranced me
My mind starts to wander, is it a star?
Or maybe a glowing, bright pulsar?
I look deeper and deeper i see so much more
Out there in the universe
For us to explore
I may not be there
to see it take place
But im not scared- of putting on my thinking face
Just to imagine what its like to be
Dancing round stars, floating like im under the sea
Its a wonderful feeling
And boy it burns bright
Brighter then that star
I can see in the night

I hope you like my poem
I hope it touches you as much as it does me
I hope you too wonder- what could that be out there

Famous people iv met:

Dragon and a load of numbers, the one who made pokemon evoulutions
The guy who made base wars
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