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Backtrack (Work In Progress)

Visited 1,219 times (732 last week)
Backtrack (Work In Progress)
Intro levels of a game I am working on. Feedback is much appreciated. Controls in case you don't catch them ingame: Q: Place shadow E: Teleport to shadow R: Reset shadow & teleport to spawn I am aware that this game does not currently work on iOS. Thanks to those who let me know! I don't have an iOS device, though, so I need testers. If you're willing to help me out, send me a PM so we can work things out.

Visited 1,494 times (6 last week)
Reasons to play: -Unique gameplay -Well-scripted -Ingame tutorial -No free models used PLAYERS WHO SHOW NO EVIDENCE OF HAVING READ THE TUTORIAL WILL NOT BE GIVEN ANY HELP FROM OTHER PLAYERS! Currently converting into C-Code, download may be available soon.
Space Simulator

Visited 353 times (10 last week)
Space Simulator
Revisiting an age-old space simulator project. I'm remaking this. Select tool to get in a space ship. Planned features: -Better AI opponents -Different levels/missions -Particle effects
pH > 7

Visited 185 times (5 last week)
pH > 7
Yeah, it's a base. It doesn't actually have anything to do with chemistry, despite the chemistry pun in the title. Post your thoughts in the comments! +Hidden an extra gun in the place +Added a mirror CREDITS: Letters:
Terrain Generation

Visited 134 times (7 last week)
Terrain Generation
Testing out a terrain generator! Derps, lols and sighs guaranteed! Currently featuring unlimited terrain generation (game WILL crash at some point, ~65 000 bricks), mountains, lakes, trees as well as 4 (!) different types of ground! Maximum stats reached: 62575 parts (Went a bit further, game crashed) 2472 points 25.314 parts per point 18 square kilometers (~7 square miles)
Performance Testing

Visited 28 times (2 last week)
Performance Testing
Testing out how heavy on the client some of my scripts are. Yes, the house is from free models. I was too lazy to build my own for the sole purpose of destroying it in some tests.
Robloxian Electric Engineering

Visited 1,932 times (5 last week)
Robloxian Electric Engineering
Not done yet, but has a somewhat wide variety of objects you can use. The wires now hurt you if they have a voltage higher than 50 V. Damage depends on voltage and current strength.
Script Builder

Visited 6,515 times (3 last week)
Script Builder
People have been inserting and saving inappropriate content to this place. I'm closing it for that reason.
Space Simulator V2.0

Visited 11 times (11 last week)
Space Simulator V2.0
Some updates. I want to keep the original up for those who prefer that version.
Silly Wiring

Visited 186 times (46 last week)
Silly Wiring
You can connect stuff to a seat and control it using that seat. Pretty neat stuff if you ask me.


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