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[KS] Kingdom Of Saxony
[KS] Kingdom Of Saxony
His Royal Highness Prince Richard Cooke
His Grace The Duke Of Richmond - Grand Duke Of Saxony

|General RP Profile|

|Born: September 30th - Aged 92|
|Birthplace: Baumount Palace, Imperial Byzantine|
|Father: Lord Richard His Grace 3rd Duke Of Richmond|
|Mother: Lady Diana Her Grace 3rd Duchess Of Richmond|
|Siblings: Her Majesty Queen Katherine, The Queen Mother|
|Wife: Lady Angelina Cooke - Deceased|
|Religion: Roman Catholicism|
|Children: King George - Lord James – Lady Elizabeth Davenport|
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[KS] HM Armed Forces
[KS] House of Mountbatten
[KS] Kingdom Of Saxony
Goverment System Of ROBLOXian
The Kingdom Of Victoria


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Richmond Hall

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Richmond Hall
Richmond Hall, once Richmond Palace is the home of His Lordship, Lord Cooke of Glencoe. First Built for the Duke Of Richmond in 1791, Then being home for a Royal Prince in 1836. At the start of WWI it was used as a hospital base but had a wing blown up in 1916. After WWII the house undertook a £1,000,000,000 project in 1956. Which rebuilt parts and redecorated its interior. Since then its been a private home and because of the 1956 project this building became a loving home and its because of that project that the building is still standing today.

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Richmond 1942

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Richmond 1942
Richmond during the First and Second World War was used as a base. In WWI it was used as a Hospital Base where people stayed before being able to be taken to hospital. In WWII the Hall was used as a Secret Spy Base and was used to try and over take German Forces. On the 4th June 1942 the Hall was hit by a bomb taking parts of the left wing and the roofs.

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