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Patrick Star-I love you. If you haven't seen that legendary episode of Spongebob then you're crazy. Im spending way to much time trying to think of something to type....So here's some useless facts about me.
1.I'm better then you.
2.I'm better then you.
3.I'm still better then you.
4.I'm a Gemini ( didn't see that one coming)
5. I will always be better then you.
So, now that you know that I am better then you I think we are done here. :)
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kittengirl49's Place

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kittengirl49's Place
well know its nothing lol
An Awesome Place. c:<

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An Awesome Place. c:&lt;
A place I made a while back. Dont laugh I know its just full of hats and morphs. xD But hey, I was just a newbie back then. I didnt know what a actual game was.
Luxury V@cation

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Luxury V@cation
Ahhhhhhh just what i needed.Make sure to have fun and enjoy yourself.Get as many people as possible to come!Everyone needs a vacation!
Simple Life

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Simple Life


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