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Town Life Community
Town Life Community
Norwegian Game Developer, Investor and Businessman.

NOTICE: I read ALL my messages; but I will only reply if they include grammar, a reasonable question or scripting business. If you asked a question and I didn't answer then it means "No". Also if your message sound stupid I will skip it.

Sorry, but I am a busy working person, I don't have time to join your groups, games or help you build.

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Town Life Roleplay 1™ Classic Game

Visited 762,860 times (3,984 last week)
Town Life Roleplay 1™ Classic Game
If you want to play a better and up to date Town Life, go play Town Life 2 or try out Countylife Roleplaying! Town Life Roleplay! - A RP Game with more than 35 jobs, and 40 vehicles to choose from, ranging from planes to motorcycles, you can also buy countless properties and buy more than 60 items from stores. Current Version: v0.7.3 - Car Lock GUI! Owner: Exorcist998 Admin: jonericmike14, BeldonAx Scripter: rock44068
Town Life Roleplay 2™

Visited 692,418 times (1,892 last week)
Town Life Roleplay 2™
Current Version: Version 18 Patch 2 : Removed the annoying sound. Rest of Gamepasses:
New York City™ v0.1.2

Visited 23,827 times (403 last week)
New York City™ v0.1.2
( I will not build any requests of landmarks, mainly cause i only include the most well-known skyscrapers ) NEWS IN V.0.1.2: A massive intersection in South Bronx made. ------------------------------------------------------- This is a Pre-9/11 remake of New York City, USA. It's the most realistic rendition done in ROBLOX and when complete it will feature whole Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. We are currently done with whole Manhattan. The game contains landmarks such as the Woolworth Building, Empire State, WTC, Times Square, Central Park, Citigroup Building, Chrysler Building and the Metlife Building. MANHATTAN is currently four point eight square kms.
[NEW!]Tropical Keys Roleplay™ v0.4.3

Visited 41,970 times (1,384 last week)
[NEW!]Tropical Keys Roleplay™ v0.4.3
LAG REDUCED TREMENDOUSLY Rules: This game is under construction. Situated on the coast from the Florida Keys, the incorporated city started to be built in the late 1950's after build restrictions was removed in the area, it has became a famous destination for many tourists, and home to many wealthy residents. The rise of the city has a real background every developer would like to forget, the fact that it all was built on drug money... Currently sat during the mid-1980's. COMPLETION: South Island: 84% North Bay Island: 100% ( CLUB LEFT ) Coral Island: 100% Mainland: 80% Docks: 100% Updates: - People without Police VIP now cant get in. In Next Update:
Countylife Roleplaying™ v9.8.3

Visited 1,283,317 times (19,801 last week)
Countylife Roleplaying™ v9.8.3
Want to play a better roleplay game? Try out Town Life 3! Follow any upcoming updates for any of my games by following @Exor998 on Twitter! READ THE RULES AND HELP HERE: = Welcome to Countylife Roleplaying = - Roleplay in a massive environment situated on the west coast of USA, with in-depth realistic vehicles and atmosphere, feel like you live there! - Constant updates almost daily, With a evergrowing map. Go sightseeing in the desert by sea, plane or car, or are you a more relaxing type? Go to a tent camp in the forests! = New in v9.8.3b = - Fixed a bug where the mailvan would not remove. ( ADMIN APPLICATIONS CLOSED ) ( Staff abuse? YouTube it and link me ) Creator: Exorcist998 Lead of Admins: Trey1900, Shmee8 Admins: Xzoi, MasterBuilder6789, Trial Admin: xpmatrix, SirMcBucket, HalfPrint, Zetiux
~ ★Destroy The Tower!™ v1.6 ★ ~

Visited 13,763 times (231 last week)
~ ★Destroy The Tower!™ v1.6 ★ ~
Classic! Now Avaible: Admin Room*Now you cant be killed by other people!, also added turret regen! Based on Leetwind's game. Its Destroying Time! Destroy the 22 story ( 730 Studs ) tall building with your favourite weapons! Or you can smash a plane into the towers! ( No offence to the dead ). Just don't kill players only if the player you are attempting to kill have a fight with you or are playing war. Just dont attack unaccepted users. Somebody killing you?, Kick them! You Can also Roleplay _________________________ Credit to Leetwind for inspiration, He also made the planes and the ESB. And to ROBLOX for the tools, Person299 for the planes.
Midwest Roleplay™ InDev

Visited 20,352 times (273 last week)
Midwest Roleplay™ InDev
Based of the U.S states of Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, Texas, Illinois and Kansas. when complete it will be the largest exploreable map in ROBLOX. Fixed the wanted system, also brand new areas on the southern coast. ( BASED OF DOESN'T MEAN ITS SAT IN THE STATES MENTIONED ) - Interstates - I-40 I-85 - Routes - Route 51 Route 13 Route 70 Route 94 Route 18 Route 23 Route 25 - State Routes - State Route 72 State Route 41 State Route 273 State Route 896 State Route 404 State Route 299 State Route 52
Anticipated open-world driving game

Visited 27,095 times (958 last week)
Anticipated open-world driving game
I need name ideas, mostly with the name "Drive" with it. Situated in a fictional state, when finisished it will be a focused-on-driving game, with several counties and atmospherical sorroundings. Currently being built is the county of Hillcrest. Soon the Rockford County will also be built, and a couple more. Notice: This game might only have one gamepass; driving license, and it will be cheap. - This game will have radios - This game will have a more automated car shop. - You will have more control of your car speed here. U.S Routes: Route 38 Route 96 State Highways: SR 59 SR 78 ( Under planning/Construction) County Routes: CR 42 CR 76 CR 43 ( Under planning/Construction) CR 80 ( Under planning/Construction) CR 44 ( Under planning/Construction) Development Plan: - Finishing Hillcrest County roadwise. - Soon add a town in Hillcrest County.
[NEW!]Town Life 3™ Fixed Time!

Visited 205,674 times (34,511 last week)
[NEW!]Town Life 3™  Fixed Time!
The connection shut down loss is a fault done by Roblox, its happening elsewhere aswell. It is not my fault that you lose connection, thank you for understanding. Incase you see a hacked server, message an online admin or trial admin and they will fix it. If they didn't come and help you, tell me. Join the official group for Town Life 3! RULES for the game: Features the main city of Delano and Henderson and the sorrounding areas. __________________________________________ Follow the updates here!: - Fixed Time! - Made undercover cars more "Undercover" __________________________________________ Current game version: 0.5.7 InDev Main Perspective: Finishing Delano before working on anything else. Ideas for later; New tire decals for cars News Van Gated community Police Extension VIP Van KEEP AWAY sign for ambulance
Los Angeles, California

Visited 132,538 times (3,245 last week)
Los Angeles, California
[Be aware of periodic lag, but it will be gone after a while ] YOU NEED A ABOVE AVERAGE COMPUTER TO PLAY THIS GAME. PLEASE READ THE RULES FOR THE GAME: Currently exists of the real-life Los Angeles neighbourhoods and cities of: Compton: 100% Complete Inglewood: 88% Complete Watts: 75% Complete Long Beach / Port of Los Angeles: 97% Complete Downtown: 60% Complete Santa Monica: 5% Manhattan Beach: 12% South Park: 95% Updates: You can now sell products in larger volumes, 5g, 10g, and 50g. Next Updates: More of Inglewood and Watts
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