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LGBT Pride <3
LGBT Pride <3
I make free and epic games for everyone to play. I love to learn to program.

I'm a guy who programs stuff.

My games will NEVER be a BC-only game. I also will never implement Paid Access on my games so my games are FREE to play.

I am also a collector of hats, gears and packages.
My limited hats are not for sale.

Stop asking me to join party.

I will NOT donate. #1 reason? 30% market fee.

Please don't ask me to join groups or party. I'm quite busy.

I am 666Kitteh on YouTube.

I'm deaf. D-E-A-F. Please spell it correctly. When I'm deaf, it means I can't hear.
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Active Places

Mega Hotel Roleplay

Visited 41,290 times (94 last week)
Mega Hotel Roleplay
40 floors of epicness! 8 elevators to ride in! Go shopping in 2nd floor or dine in at the restaurant in 3rd floor! Watch movies, swim at pool or hang out with your friends! The ultimate hotel roleplay awaits!
Haunted Hotel Roleplay [Being updated!]

Visited 1,099,125 times (1,497 last week)
Haunted Hotel Roleplay [Being updated!]
I'll work on fixing things! Hospital will be rebuilt! School will be finished! VIP will be removed! In this game, you're free to explore and roleplay. There are missions you can take to get rewards such as badges and unlockables! Warning: May be scary!
The Tales of Kitteh's Cape RPG

Visited 629,540 times (1,661 last week)
The Tales of Kitteh&#39;s Cape RPG
A major overhaul is currently underway! Welcome to The Tales of Kitteh's Cape, an epic RPG! Credits to RangeMeludE for this game! This is the remake of RangeMeludE's "The Tales of Range's Cape RPG Original" Explore the realms, fight monsters, buy powerful weapons, get XP and level up. You can also fight players in the PvP arena. Level is capped at 9001. STOP asking for admin. I will NOT give out admin commands. There's no admin commands, I deleted it. Upgrade amulets from original version also WORKS in this version. Please STOP asking to add VIP. This game ALREADY HAVE ONE! Just buy RangeMeludE's upgrade amulet. NO "Post this on X games" and NO "spam cleaner" allowed on comments. NO advertising allowed on comments. Rules are in game.
[2.3.2] Volcano Escape II

Visited 410,706 times (4,896 last week)
[2.3.2] Volcano Escape II
From the creator of the original Volcano Escape presents Volcano Escape II, a game of escaping from the rising lava! More things should be fixed. Maps should be tweaked now. You can buy double XP and Points buffs. The buff timers are also saved. Say "save/" to save bought items. This game is mostly inspired from crazyblox's Flood Escape. In this game, the object is to run from the rising lava. When you reach the top, try to enter the correct code, the same way you would do at Flood Escape! Can you reach rank 15? There are 45 maps, 7 items, and 19 badges.
Code Door Puzzle II

Visited 13,479 times (50 last week)
Code Door Puzzle II
There are 100 rooms! The sequel to the original Code Door Puzzle! Can you solve the puzzles and make it to winners so you can enjoy the givers? You MUST ALWAYS use dialog! It's very important because it can give you clue about the code to pass the room. Credits to jaytheidiot and his place "Code Door Obby" for inspiring me to make this place. Story: You are walking in the forest peacefully with your friends. Then you see something... BAM! The next day you wake up in some sort of facility with a code door. You realized there are many rooms and you have to get past all of them to be freed.
Roblox Distance Limits

Visited 1,089 times (14 last week)
Roblox Distance Limits
It appears that the further you go, the glitchier the game gets. If you go back to the center, you're doing fine. Try talking when you're far away! Try using gears at various distances. Some stops working after certain distance. Camera also stops working properly if you get past 1 million studs mark. You also can't get past 1,000,034 studs due to invisible barrier. I didn't put the brick.
World Generator Demo

Visited 279 times (6 last week)
World Generator Demo
This place demonstrates my ability to make procedurally generated flat world. There are three biomes: Forest, Desert and Plains. Forest contains trees, desert contains cactuses and plains contains nothing.
Volcano Escape Classic

Visited 85,844 times (1,104 last week)
Volcano Escape Classic
A classic volcano escape. It has rising lava so you better run! At the end is winners area. This game was originally made in early 2011. You're free to take this place. It's uncopylocked.
[60%] Final Mission Project

Visited 167 times (0 last week)
[60%] Final Mission Project
This is the project for the 8th mission for Haunted Hotel Roleplay. The maximum amount of players is 1. This is intended to be played alone.
Avatar: Build, Roleplay and Fight

Visited 1,041 times (9 last week)
Avatar: Build, Roleplay and Fight
Build and roleplay in the lands of Pandora! Explore the lands and build villages! Rules: No mass-copying and no deleting others work! Notes: Place gets cleaned up every 1 hour. This place is made in tribute to sean.
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