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hai there i am ooo0o1 and i enjoy playin roblox.

if i'm offline for a week then i am just haven a busy week or haven fun with my friends (i mean playin other games).

famous ppl i met in game (not showing off or any thing) :

skills/stuff i am good at.
X=my skill -=nothing

chating XXX-- i admit that i'm not the best at typein words right make.
shooting XXXX-
sword fighting XXXX-
building XXXX-
finding stuff XXXX-
friendly XXXXX
been nice to ppl XXXXX.


wanna get ppl to like me.
want to be knowing in a good way.

donate if you fell like it.
i wont force you to do it.

donate here --> ""

OR here ""
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 Emergency Task Force ETF
[ Content Deleted 280564 ]
10er's United
2013 I'LL be there
Battlefield 3 Official Group
battlefield fan
BC group ( TBC and  OBC as well)
black fox's
Blades Of Shadows
Blahwagaa Pwns
Blox Jet
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Highest Ever Voting Accuracy: 90%

Active Places

some city (rollplay)

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some city (rollplay)
not done
your noob test

Visited 22 times (0 last week)
your noob test
for new and old robloxians
fight on the block

Visited 5 times (0 last week)
fight on the block
fell free to play this game more updates will come
plz only friends in real live place

Visited 47 times (0 last week)
plz only friends in real live place
PLZ ONLY q1k5, dov400, vxvx77, Ocim, sejmon112, ooo0o1, ooo0o4 (my bro), Sophus100, markfalk, Peter800k, Peter900k, nicklas2347, oliss, naruto800000. all the names for there robloxians
stone age wars

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stone age wars
Weapons: club and a rock.
my house

Visited 25 times (0 last week)
my house
my home in robloxia

Visited 22 times (0 last week)
zombie island beta 2.50

Visited 685 times (1 last week)
zombie island beta 2.50
your ship and your airplane crashed in to a island. the plane and ship is full of toxic waste. that's why the zombies came the humans that was in the city dont know why it happent. ask your friends if they want to come to this place. new updates: 2.50, more fog,land mass. coming up updates: i am gonna think about new zombies and there stuff. if you feel like it, put comment about stuff you want me to add. weapons made by "manofthelol" he makes the best looking weapons in roblox.
live in a big house v0.10

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live in a big house v0.10
Not done yet
ooo0o1's Place Number: 98

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ooo0o1's Place Number: 98
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