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RIP my nostalgic profile 2011 - 2013
My classic old look will be forever remembered. Roblox, I won't forgive you for this
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Can you escape Builderman's TV?

Visited 563,316 times (301 last week)
Can you escape Builderman's TV?
Builderman bought a huge TV in which he teleports innocent robloxians ... You are one of them! Can you beat his 40 obstacles and escape? You can save your progress in the way. Credits: Person299: Checkpoint system CloneTrooper1019: Data persistance Ploki52: Ad Nintendocpu: 2 Ads and thumbnail Tylermcbride: Phantom bricks (blue and yellow), Moving platforms and click detection bricks.
Gensokyo - Hakurei Shrine

Visited 1,127 times (6 last week)
Gensokyo - Hakurei Shrine
Reimu Hakurei's , Located in the great world of Gensokyo , Recreated in the game Touhou project.
Gensokyo - Palanquin airship [Almost finished]

Visited 712 times (1 last week)
Gensokyo - Palanquin airship [Almost finished]
Minamitsu's airship from Touhou project 12 - Undefined fantastic object (UFO)

Visited 387 times (0 last week)
Dig your own "underground" enviroment to get through your enemy's room.


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