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I will be away from the 16th to the 30th.

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Easter Tycoon! [2014]

Visited 182,849 times (336 last week)
Easter Tycoon! [2014]
Have a great Easter everyone! A small VIP bonus of 10,000 starting money will be given to those that are friends with me. So be sure to send a FR and favourite/thumbs up if you like! If you notice any bugs, please do inform me. Tags: Easter, Tycoon, Chocolate, Eggs, Fun, Awesome, Spring, Bunny, Rabbits, Holidays, Summer, Cool, Awesome, Great, No school, Hunt, Button, Catalog, Catalogue, Outfit, Hats, Gear, Halloween 2013 2012
Escape The Maze Tower

Visited 30,688 times (71 last week)
Escape The Maze Tower
The start of my first page career, heh. Good times. Decal made by a good friend of mine, wigw2.
WIJ - Training Outpost Saffron [SNT+]

Visited 5,480 times (109 last week)
WIJ - Training Outpost Saffron [SNT+]
This classic training base was created as a small project for WIJ High Command, however, it was left unfinished. I felt that WIJ would benefit from this facility and so I took it upon myself to edit and publish it on behalf of WIJ High Command. The main builders are: Owen0202, L1611 and Ultimateguy. Sentinels and above have automatic admin here. There are no extra commands.
WIJ - Training Outpost Sienna [SNT+]

Visited 941 times (70 last week)
WIJ - Training Outpost Sienna [SNT+]
Sienna was created mostly by myself, AmazingAnt. I wanted a classic style training base to train at yet couldn't find one, hence this was created. Sentinels and above have automatic admin here on a trial basis. If I find the quality of sentinel trainings hosted here to be poor then it will revert back to officer only.
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