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Hi ppls..... i got hacked again so this is the new me... heres wut u must know..... (y) yes (n) no (m) maybe (f) friends only Do i have youtube (y) do i rec vids (m) is this the new fighter but different name (y) can u follow me (f) do i follow my own heart (y) do i donate(m) Here are My best Buddies : Soccerguy777 Princessmegan123 over123456 deathcody william135790 legocrazy98 aygui12 scroll182 coolguy12378 ameen500 kennythebest floretz alexwomen107 rockchick2001 Muffincake445 Liamp9 struka PetzAmbipom Amy703
Moves : Cure,Tsunami,Revive,Water sword,Water dragon vortex,lightning heal,water renewal,dark shield,dark sword

nickname : dark,super,star,superstar,super590,star590
Noob list : Batmanxbox,GreatestAnthony1
Type : God's apprentice
-Superstar590- -.-
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If you have enough Ko's like 50 or 100 then come here for a promotion i do the promotion or over123456 does so if you have enough Ko's then come here! Make sure you have enough Ko's now ok? Good enjoy your promotion here
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