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A bit about me. I wont make you a model, I might go to your place, and I might friend you. Two things most people dont know about me is im a werewolf and I own a space ship. mock spam in the face with this saying copy it on games
I know a working Roblox Glitch!
1)Post this on 0 games
2)log out of Roblox
3)Log out of your com.
4)look you still have no cash
5)through your computer out the window!
it realy works!
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Active Places

the cave

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the cave
STORY: you are a treshure hunter looking for the famouse rumored gem timeless light. you found a map to the treasure and started excavating after 3 months you finaly descover a cavern. how far can you get? these are the areas in order cave area (black) ,red area (red) ,cave area (black) ,white room (white) ,cave area (black) ,red area (red) ,gold area (gold)
desert battle RED VS BLUE!

Visited 69 times (0 last week)
desert battle RED VS BLUE!
credit to sora994 who made the ad for me.
sky vs land

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sky vs land
the sky people have declared war!

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Hope is a planet that is all black rock with acid rivers. hope is a planet on soler conqwest
The Crash

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The Crash
Were are you? The only free models in my place are the run tool and the cframe tool I used to build it.

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a game to build
BRICK factory BETA testing

Visited 227 times (0 last week)
BRICK factory  BETA testing
this game is only a prototype
zombie rpg

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zombie rpg
its a rpg and this is the story: 10 years after the zombie infection a few remain. The world is grassless, zombies wander, and plants are rare. Man's only goal for now is to survive! NEW: zombie galery

Visited 25 times (0 last week)
a odd shaped volcano
P.O.D. Desert Base

Visited 32 times (0 last week)
P.O.D. Desert Base
The desert base for P.O.D. More updates coming soon.


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