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Undead Nation [V11]

You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.
You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.
[Update] Undead Nation [V10.8]_Image
Undead Nation. [Back With Updates]_Image
[FIXED CHAPTER 8] Undead Nation V1.7.8_Image
[Chapter 10] Undead Nation [V10]_Image
 [Create A Class] Undead nation V1.8.3_Image
 [Patches] Undead nation V1.8.6_Image
[WEAPONS SAVE] Undead nation V1.8.5_Image
 [CHAINGUN GAME PASS/BADGES!] Undead Nation V1.7.6
[Patches] Undead Nation V1.6.8_Image
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Admins: Ninjaxrasx, TheAceWarrior
I know many of you are mad about the recent update and progress loss. So let me straighten things for you all. Before the update, the guns were all low priced, money was easy to get. The game was easy itself and you could complete it the first time you play. So, what would you do with that 100k + money? Save it up for nothing? The update was to help add a element of team work and acheiving. Now you will have to work together to win and earn money to buy weapons. It makes the game harder wich makes it more challenging and fun. If you bought gamepasses. It allows you to have access to them. You have to reach level 12 in order to use them in-game. When you think about it. It's really not that bad. The game got harder and challenging. Instead of accumulating useless money that you can't buy anything with and have nothing to do.
Builder: ninjaxrasx
Joined: 5/29/2008
Updated:2 days ago
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