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Trouble in ROBLOX Town!

Trouble in ROBLOX Town! 1M Visits Update!_Image
Trouble in ROBLOX Town! 1M Visits Update!_Image
Trouble In ROBLOX town! VIP 75% OFF!_Image
Trouble in ROBLOX Town! SHUTDOWN = UPDATE_Image
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Trouble in ROBLOX Town! Leaderboard Removed!_Image
Trouble in ROBLOX Town! Halloween Update!_Image
Trouble in ROBLOX Town! Major Updates!_Image
Thumbs up: 1,803
Thumbs down: 510
Moderators: Sk3let0n,Rukiryo,Jayskull900,ToaTahu003
Credit to Rukiryo for scripting TRT.
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Group : 

All Possible fixes have been made! Please post on the group wall or PM me if there are any other glitches!

You now spawn with a 30 sec ff so no more random killing when the round starts, also a karma system has been added!

The Shop Is now a tool, you don't have to waste time typing it, and safe chatters can also shop!
Builder: Mahem
Joined: 5/14/2009
Updated:3 weeks ago
Max Players:15
Allowed Gear Types: