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Transportation Simulator V1 (VIPS!)

Transportation Simulator V1 (VIPS!)
Thumbs up: 48
Thumbs down: 20
213, Trains: May require a jolt (bashing head agaisnt roof works) and MUST take points gently (About speed 40). 171 204 Current locations are Midway City, Shackville (Brown Houses) and Dunmer Village (Blue Roofs), Seaview Village (Reddish Brown Roofs), Poshville (White Roofs), Baurius Village (Yellow Roofs in Desert) , Econ Village (Green Roofs near Termino City) ,  Termino City (City near dock and Econ Village) , Vasel (Blue Roofs near bridge with towers (Great Vasel Bridge)). Combining a Driving Simulator, Ship Simulator and Train Simulator into one much more successfully than the free model Go Camping series. This game will feature everything made by me apart from scripts, decals and certain custom meshes (Wedge Corner Only). The Successor to the Highly Free Model Go Camping series. VIP shirt is
Builder: Roebot56
Joined: 12/21/2007
Updated:11 months ago
Max Players:8
Allowed Gear Types: