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Town of Greenwood

Town of Greenwood_Image
Town of Greenwood_Image
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Car respawning fixed
Roleplay in a town full with crimes and mysteries - as either a law abiding citizen, an outlaw soldier or even a fast food worker. Each job has many indepth features for you to experience. Choose your allies carefully and your enemies even more carefully.
Intended towards players who enjoy city games full of crime and reality. This game offers all of that, as well as an element of mystery and action.
We are entitled to applying in-game bans if you break game/ROBLOX rules - this applies to all users as they are treated equally. VIP does not exclude you from the rules.
Builder: Floppa98
Joined: 10/6/2009
Updated:17 hours ago
Max Players:20
Genres:Town and City
Allowed Gear Types: