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The complex v7(Big Vip update)

The complex v7(Big Vip update)
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Become anybody is back. type try/users ID. As there are many fake V.I.P. T-shirts to my games there is a link on my Profile or you can buy in game on shopping cart.
Co-Creator = zardmaster 
Head Admin=(EmperorFish)..
Head Admin=(5KingBlood)
Head Admin=(TheeSadness)
Co-Head Admins= (Jxseph)(Thebigcheese4321)
Tech Director = (MusiclsMyEscape)
Admins = (Saza55)..(zardmaster)..(Krilysian)..(TheFreshCity)..(0x0087)...(InfiItrate )..(DrangonSlayer9247) ,.(iVespoochie)...(LunarCutie)...(compIications)...(Examplify)....(Isxiah)
Dog will spawn by sign if they get stuck on seats click they will jump off seat. Click dog to make stay .
Builder: spyro372
Joined: 12/26/2009
Updated:6 hours ago
Max Players:18
Genres:Town and City
Allowed Gear Types: