The boating lake (22 boats and 1 heli) - UPDATES

The boating lake (22 boats and 1 heli) - UPDATES
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There are many boats - over 25- for you to choose from, you can drive each and every one, fast or slow. Some are more comedic than others.
Imagine a world where you can freely paddle across the water. With nothing to worry about except trolling noobs, who themselves don't occur often. Imagine a place where you can do what you want. Sit atop a cruiseliner or shoot across the lanes in a streamlined blue boat. The choice is yours, here at The Boating Lake.
Each and every boat was either made by Danjammey or samos2. This place is a joint-venture between the two of us that has become more successful then we imagined. It is constantly being updated and if you feel like you have a suggestion, PM me (DSBoatingLake, Danjammey OR samos2) and we'll get back to you.
Anyway. enjoy the place. Next on our agenda is a sequel and maybe a bit of a nicer scenery around the place.
As of now, see you around!
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