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The Shadow Legion Fort Eclipse Sat-Sun

The Shadow Legion Fort Cobra!_Image
The Shadow Legion Fort Cobra!_Image
Thumbs up: 62
Thumbs down: 87
-No empty server raiding, need 5 or more TSLmembers and 1 SHR to be a raid
-Flaming is aloud
-No auto wins
-If you see someone with allot of credits report it too me they are exploiting and if they are an admin I will ban them.
-1 hour to raid if you are here more than an hour you loose.
-spamming = Ban

:Groups beat:
Vaktovian,Vactovian,The Grand Imperium (TGI),Lortex Security, Iron Force, The Chaos Imperium,RAT,Frost Clan and RSF
thecrystal empire,tsa,://Extalia//:,Skilled forces,OBLIVION LEGACY,BLOOD FORGE EMPIRE, Executive Operations,USN,Team Vectro,RAID] Squad ,Prime Legion,Proximus,Atheri Nation,Dark Reign, Tza ,Tactical Operations Corporation,arenir,Osseria, advanced zero,
virtuefederoation,teamhammer,azeria,LastSwords,thekrytonixempire,archaic, Sparrow Syndicate, The Salvanian Armati ,ERAF,tce,usn,SkyLeague,vecto empire ,The BFE ,The Shadow Blade,noble blade (hacking),Divulse,the Alphian Empire, Tactical Operations C
Builder: tadcool
Joined: 5/24/2009
Updated:17 hours ago
Max Players:50
Allowed Gear Types: