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The Mega Fun & Easy Obby! (Version 2.6)

The Mega Fun & Easy Obby! (Version 2.6)_Image
The Mega Fun & Easy Obby! (Version 2.6)_Image
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Im the original owner here is some proof! check out, the video of Bereghost playing the obby!:

If there is any, hackers and admin abusers. Dont just say what they did, but also tell me their name so i know.

Copied Game? think it that way, sure. 
Free Models? think it that way, sure. 
If the player have fun and enjoy the game, thats all that matters.

Pls join my group to support me!:

Wanna make you're own obby? Get the starter kit now!:

NOTE: If you bought a game pass while your in the game. Rejoin in order for the game pass to work.
Builder: ZzthallaszZ
Joined: 6/18/2011
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Updated:4 hours ago
Max Players:14
Allowed Gear Types: