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The Locks of Destiny RPG ™ (Final Boss!!)

Locks of Destiny RPG {Beta} (Boss!)_Image
Locks of Destiny RPG {Beta} (Boss!)_Image
Thumbs up: 230
Thumbs down: 44
Version - 0.2.6 (READ MORE NOW!! -->) Join the fan group for exclusive membership and 2x EXP and upcoming updates: [][] Notice: game shutdowns are to let updates intergrate themselves in. [][] Want to learn to make an RPG like this (Led by me and Swordphin123)? Join: [][] Fixes: Fixed broken boss spawns. Fixed trade then reset to get weapons glitch. [][] Updates: FINAL BOSS HAS ARRIVED! Death, a level 2000, is a worthy enemy of your hard earned stats. I have taken down enemy HP from 650 area and up, from complaints of hard enemies. Death boss gives some incredible stuff. Such as the angelic sword, which I will not reveal its powers to you, you will have to find out yourself. Goodluck! [][] Guide: Blue Charges = Speed. Gold keys are official keys. Get stats by killing enemies. Get summoning by creature attacks.
Builder: 1pie23
Joined: 7/11/2010
Updated:3 months ago
Max Players:6
Allowed Gear Types: