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The Hunger Games ROBLOX

The Hunger Games ROBLOX_Image
The Hunger Games ROBLOX_Image
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Fight oneanother to the death,Kill, Kill, Kill And Eat, Eat, not go out of bounds,you will die on your way there.
Fight those kids dont let momma down,
Eat the berries to get your health back up
Touch the Angry little swimmers...alligators and you will die.Kiss from the lips hold up three fingers,Oh how much it lingers and lingers,Make an allie,Fight to the death,When all that you want is to live,Live,and live.If you die its ok because the respawn is right over there,Touch your weapon givers,Arrow and sword and all you need is to not get bored,If you kill then dont cry be proud,At least you didnt die,Just stick to your grounds.Whistle that beat of pain and sound,You call will be heard by the nice mocking bird,Now read this again like a poem that you love,And remember,Your friends are also your enimies.Dont get stung by those big bad bees or you will be swolen all over your knees.
Builder: DawsonDelRey
Joined: 5/30/2010
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Updated:2 years ago
Max Players:30
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