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The Disturbed Ancients RPG (Kohl's Admin On-Sale!)

The Disturbed Ancients RPG (Kohl's Admin On-Sale!)
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Super Admin (AKA Kohl's Admin):
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Join Deathfall Legion! A new clan I made:
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Visit my other RPG! Hosted by BrokenSoulBuilder:

You now start off in a village! 3 New Tiers of Weapons:
Steel, Ruby, and Crystal. New Forging System! You buy resources then forge them into the new tiers. Steel is already in game, but I've added a new only-craftable bow for it. 2 new items as well! The Hilt and Bowstring. Ruby has a
Joined: 9/17/2011
Updated:2 weeks ago
Max Players:15
Allowed Gear Types: