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The Bobsleigh Track. read description!

The Bobsleigh Track. read description!
Thumbs up: 8
Thumbs down: 12
This was a old bobsleightrack that worked pretty well but now its totaly broken you will crash just after one corner IK that and I cant fix it so please dont put for that the thumbs down!
Donation T-shirt for a new badge on this place: And a new player badge on a place cost 100 ROBUX.
The Bobsleigh Track. Bobsled.  And The place is NOT FROM FREE MODELS!!!  I building 7 weeks for this Bobsleigh Track.  The bobsleds is not from free models.
   The place is for lol the bobsleigh track and for  the group Mrstronts Bobsleigh Team.  And check the pokemon cards!!!
Builder: Mrstront
Joined: 9/26/2009
Updated:3 months ago
Max Players:6
Allowed Gear Types: