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The Bermuda v7.1.3

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You need JavaScript enabled to view this video.
The Bermuda v7.1.3 UPDATE COMING SOON_Image
The Bermuda v7.0.2 (Fixing Bugs)_Image
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Airplane is temporarily broken due to updates to Roblox physics.

The point of the game is to rescue or get rescued and to find and complete the quests hidden throughout the map. Upon completion you will receive a Badge and Points which can be spent on in-game tools to help you throughout your journeys.

Cool Retexture:

There is a Help GUI in-game giving more details to the game goals

You can follow me on Twitter @Rblx_EncryptX

Update Idea Forum:
Builder: EncryptX
Joined: 4/20/2011
Updated:2 weeks ago
Max Players:20
Allowed Gear Types: