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Teen Beach Movie! (Roleplay)

Teen Beach Movie! (Roleplay)_Image
Teen Beach Movie! (Roleplay)_Image
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santamouse23 copied me! I dont know why he is telling people rumors of me! He actually copied me! He doesn't even know me either because he says he hates my sister when I don't even have a sister!
Welcome to teen beach movie roleplay guys! This is the most realistic Teen Beach Movie roleplay on Roblox in my opinion! Surfs up and keep cruising guys!

 Teen Beach Movie Cast!: Garret Clayton (Tanner) , John Deluca (Butchy) , Ross Lynch (Brady), Maia Mitchell (Mckenzie), Grace Phipps (Lela), Chrissie Fit (Chee Chee), Kent Boyd (Rascal), Jordan Fisher (Seacat), Mollee Gray (Giggles), Kevin Chamberlin (Dr. Fusion), Steve Valentine (Les Camembert).

Builder: XxorcaloverxX
Joined: 12/21/2012
Updated:4 weeks ago
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