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..:Teamwork Obby 3™|:..

.:Teamwork Obby 3™|:._Image
.:Teamwork Obby 3™|:._Image
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Welcome to Teamwork Obby 3. This is version V5.0
INFO: Teamwork Obby 3 is a game which you need a friend to help you with. You can play the 1 player mode (requiring nobody else), 2 player mode, 3 player mode, 4 player mode and if you are good enough, you can make it the hidden zone, which is the hardest mode in the game.
Invite your friends to play for more fun!
There are two VIPs, Super VIP and Regular VIP. The Regular VIP is far cheaper but has less features then Super VIP. Super VIPs can also access the Regular VIP area.
Regular VIP:
Super VIP:
Credits to MrNiceGuy for the game. I have only fixed a few bugs I noticed in the game 
Builder: 1devs5
Joined: 4/15/2013
Updated:1 year ago
Max Players:20
Allowed Gear Types: