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.:| Teamwork Obby 3+ |:. - V6.1 - Messages FIXED!

.:| Teamwork Obby 3 |:. - V5.1 - !![UPDATE]!!_Imag
.:| Teamwork Obby 3 |:. - V5.1 - !![UPDATE]!!_Imag
.:| Teamwork Obby 3 |:. - V5.1 - !![UPDATE]!!_Imag
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.:| - !! Massive V6 Update!! - |:.

[NEW!] - Teamwork Obby 1 Remake (Return to TwO) and DarkRealms have been morphed into this game! Choose from the side selection which game you wish to play!

[NEW!] - Minigame Island Added: Currently only Switchball Easy Course is there, but i am currently working on other switchball courses and minigames, such as speedruns of hard obstical courses, or two player vs eachother... see who can beat a course faster!

New from v5.1:

[UPDATE!!] - Now VIP (regular) is unlocked until further notice!! Thats 100 Free points, and cheaper saves/loads/and doom savers!! Play while available because im not sure how long ill keep it this way! ;D

[New] White Crystal - Check the badge for hints on how to obtain it!

[New] Anti-Save/Load Cheating - You can still glitch the save/loads, but getting on top of the castle wont do you anything besides getting a cool view of how big the place is!

[Fix/New] Doom Savers - Redesigned the doom savers. Now they ca
Builder: Mrniceguy
Joined: 10/25/2007
Updated:1 year ago
Max Players:12
Allowed Gear Types: