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TRNE The English Channel V 2.0

TRNE The English Channel V 2.0
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-Raid Rules: 
-Must have 4 TRNE and 3 pirates (There must be one HC on TRNE)
-You must not say Auto win or we can kick you.
Not auo wins and the raid is 45 minutes you must capture the flag at gibralter and hold i for one minute.
TRNE Rules:
- Do not kill Citiziens.
- Obey HR's Orders.
- Do not take ships who are not from your rank.
- No Flaming or Insulting.
-You can NOT kill  pirate or citizen if they surrender.
Builder: HerrAlbert
Joined: 8/4/2011
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Updated:1 month ago
Max Players:50
Allowed Gear Types: