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TRNE The Caribean

TRNE The Caribean
Thumbs up: 10
Thumbs down: 14
group ID
Raid Rules: 
- Must be 4 Pirates and 5 TRNE with a HR attend to have an Official raid.
- No Advertising for the group. 
- No AA'ing
- You must capture all flag at every island to win to have 1 hour and 30 minets to raid.
-You must ba in uniform- No Flaming.No Flamming [3 Strikes Each Side] If violated will be kicked
-No Admin Abuse [Commands Such As: :h, :m, :team Are permitted
-No Auto Wins [No AA Wins, No Flaming Wins,] If you call Auto Win you will be kicked
-No Hacking/Exploiting
-No Empty Server Raiding
TRNE Rules:
- Do not kill Citiziens
- Obey HR's Orders
- Do not take ships who are not from your rank.
- No Flaming or Insulting.
Builder: KingWatsonIII
Joined: 8/4/2011
Updated:3 days ago
Max Players:50
Allowed Gear Types: