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Sword Art Online(BETA) Fixing + Updating

Sword Art Online(BETA) Fixing + Updating
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Ok, the next update I'll rename the game to sao II, the goal is combining Sao-alo, having 9 places as towns from the alo elf races, magic and flying ability/running used up energy, the center would be a smaller version of aincrad, multiple monster from Sao is very likely used than alo monsters. About current update the save is not working because of the recent roblox update on tool selection and such but I'll fix that in no time.[off topic] Im gonna continue making ADL v4 or my other game in the Inactive section, Maybe ill start next week but dont worry ill work on both games. 

game map:
Recent Update:
Character GUI
Next Update:
Merchants, fixed saved, armor, swords, new map and more npc
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