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~Survivor DayZ~ *stopped making it*

~Survivor DayZ~ *stopped making it*
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I guess some people liked it.

I stopped this project mainly because I have no time, and I am horrible at building/scripting on ROBLOX. And there's a better version of this available, called Apocalypse Rising.

-=Please leave Feedback, tell me what to add!=-
This Game is basically a ROBLOX simulation of how a Real Life zombie apocolypse would be. The objective of this game? Survive. Roleplay if you wish. Gang Up with people to be the Ultimate team? Or be a  scout being a sneaky ninja.

All By me. -Starting Building on 7/10/2012-
=Ended Building ?/?/?=
Builder: Famenotlame
Joined: 8/31/2009
Updated:6 months ago
Max Players:10
Allowed Gear Types: