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Survive the Slenderman... [UPDATES]

Survive the Slenderman_Image
Survive the Slenderman_Image
Survive the Slenderman_Image
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How long can you survive the SLENDER?!

VIPs are in the game passes!

Exploiters: See anyone exploiting/doing something strange? Message me their name!


Tags; Creeper, Bowser, Kirby, Mario, Steve, Link, Zelda, Brawl, SSBB, Miencraft, Mineblox, Mobs, Zombie, Koopa, Survive, Justin Bieber, noob, cool, Epic, Epic face, Swords, Luigi, Orange, R.U.N, Uncopylocked, Copylocked, skate, roblox, Plane Crash, Tycoon, Town of robloxia, RolePlay, RPG, Plane Crash, Castle Life, Slenderman, slender, Catalog, Catalog Heaven, Creeper survival, Creepers, Zombies, zombie, skeleton, Easter, Halloween, Lucky, Christmas, St.Patricks day, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr.Krabs, MONEY, tix, robux, pie, snails, some random guy, get eaten, ORb, build, free vip, vip, tools, run, hello, bye, guest, Destroy, win, Free robux, Free tix, yoshi, yoshi island, metaknight, Kingdedede, gravity, falls, bas
Builder: SuddenRush12G
Joined: 4/27/2012
Updated:2 days ago
Max Players:9
Allowed Gear Types: