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Survive The 113 Disasters! PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION

Survive The 113 Disasters! PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION
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I haven't been on Roblox in months but before I got off I announced of a huge game revamp update that would come out. Obviously that didn't occur. The last time I was on and actually working on the project was mid Janurary. Let me just say I'm really sorry I was off for so long and that I couldn't release the update. But that's also what I want to mention. Now that I've gotten back on I wanna continue finish revamping the game. Revamping the game has a lot of potential to bring this game back up in popularity. It's pretty dead right now (only like 500 visits a week). That's what I get I guess though for being gone and not updating. But now I wanna try to finish what I started. I don't know when it will be done. If I had to set a time frame I would say as early as the end of May to like early-mid June. It could take longer or it could all be done very quickly. I have no idea yet but I really want to get it done and release it. Like always I appreciate everyone that loves this game and t
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