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Survival 303

Survival 303
Thumbs up: 5,711
Thumbs down: 565
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Official Rules of Survival 303

=== Map Beta Update ===
Although we are fairly confident that the new map works well, it will be considered in 'Beta' until we have access to a (hopefully) upcoming feature which will allow us to create a refined lobby.

=== Version 6.062 SC ===

- Removed Fireworks
- Fixed rain
- Fixed bug with water containers being unable to collect water from a Waterfall
- Fixed bug with Eat/Drink tool being unable to drink from a Waterfall
- Fixed bug causing animals to drop multiple items
- Fixed bug causing nests to disappear while farming chickens

Comments are off again. Anyone who's even looked down there in the past two weeks knows why.
Builder: Davidii2
Joined: 9/18/2008
Updated:1 week ago
Max Players:14
Allowed Gear Types: