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◄Super ScribbleNauts►

◄Super ScribbleNauts►
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Updates So Far:-----Favorite This Game!---The Insert Tool May not work (it works just fine for me)-----------------------------------------A game of creation and imagination. Insert your models or just take things from the Catolag. Chose from over 1000s of items on roblox. Instructions:To use the red box tool type in the ID (In the left top corner) of an item that you can find. Also Pm me for any of your ideas you want to share with me. Instructions on the Description might not make sense so go in and read it in the game. Admin List: Fatso992, Arkansas123, Zothanllil.This stage is the first stage you get in the real game of ScribbleNauts free play mode. Thank you all for geting me 7000 visits. Woot!!! 4th Top scribblenauts place, Lets try getting to 3rd! Bless your faces for the poeple who visted.
Builder: Fatso992
Joined: 8/1/2009
Updated:11 months ago
Max Players:6
Allowed Gear Types: