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READ THIS: If there are any bugs, please tell me in a [P]rivate[M]essage.
I will update this game weekly, and i already have plans for updates. --{CREDIT TO THE PERSON THAT OWNS THE "tournament kit" (for sword fighting)!
I made A LOT, of modifications for that script just to clarify it as mine. I just used the scripts to help me out a bit... I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS BECAUSE THIS PROJECT TOOK, A lONG TIME! :D... --- TAGS: Sumo, fight, mania, swords, push, lol, fatty, fat, fatt, big, giant, fish, run, cool, wtf, guy, mario, cookie, tycoon, run, flash, camera, giant, MISTERMAN, moto, cow, cat, dog, game, games, compresion, competition, abc, 123, im, so, bored, are, you hungry, for, food, or, are, you, thirsty ...
Builder: yousself23
Joined: 6/12/2010
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