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Spray Paint: Big Ben [Original]

Spray Paint: Big Ben_Image
Spray Paint: Big Ben_Image
Spray Paint: Big Ben_Image
Thumbs up: 46
Thumbs down: 19
Another famous monument, not safe from graffiti artist. So sad. JUST KIDDING. Everyone is happy to spray paint this. Original game and only one on Roblox that is this great.

Warning: Games may contain profanity, including inappropriate language and drawings of nudity. But, it is a good way to let out steam on Roblox when you can't do anything and everything is censored. And best of all, a way to communicate with Guests, YES!!!
Builder: reno951
Joined: 9/14/2008
Updated:9 months ago
Max Players:10
Genres:Town and City
Allowed Gear Types: