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Speed Racer -- The Grand Prix -NOT DONE!-

Speed Racer -- The Grand Prix -NOT DONE!-
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FIRE BOOSTERS :D -Cars are original by ME! Don't go saying 'noob, used free model cars'. There's one free model, and that's the Talky Regen. Thanks, Coolchan.-
Welcome to the 93rd annual WRL Grand Prix! The Race that the notorius Speed Racer struck gold in the High Octane, Adreneline Fueled movie in 2008. 
Movie Cars so far: Speed Racer (Racer Motors' Mach 6 #6) Taejo Togokahn (Togokahn Motors' Hangul #77)
Nitro Venderhoss (Ekpyrosis Motors' Skullmelter #31)
 Jack "Cannonball" Taylor (Royalton Motors' GRX #66) Grey Ghost (Ecran Etablissement Motors' Fumee #23)
Fanmade cars so far: Lugia Slasher (Hydrox Motors' Backslash #22) Jett Sabyre (Nitrocide Motors' Jetstream #82) Link Epiksauce (Gamma Tech Motors' #01) Racer X (Racer X's Augury #9)
More cars to come! Future projects on this game: Snake Oiler (Hydrophiidae #12)  More about this game will come out as I progress...
Builder: jetblade82
Joined: 5/12/2009
Updated:3 years ago
Max Players:8
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