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Space Shuttle Advantage [PB conferance mods]

Space Shuttle Advantage [PB conferance mods]
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The most realistic space shuttle launch game on Roblox. See Diddleshot's version for updates.

Click the Launch Control panel in the Firing Room, and make your way to the Advantage for the most realistic space shuttle flight on Roblox, or remain in the launch building to observe of command the mission.

Some updates have been made for the firing room, which now doubles as a PB conferance room.

-PLEASE NOTE- Due to scripting difficulties, the shuttle does not give the tool automatically. When the overhead says 'commander to flight console', the pilot should jump out of their seat before getting back in.
Builder: RedDwarfIV
Joined: 9/18/2008
Updated:2 years ago
Max Players:30
Allowed Gear Types: